Welcome to the website of the Roelfes group! We are a highly interdisciplinary research group that is active in the field of biomolecular chemistry, which is at the interface between organic, bio-inorganic and biochemistry. There are 2 main research themes in the group: bio-inspired catalysis and chemical biology.

In the bio-inspired catalysis group we use nature as a source of inspiration to develop new concepts in catalyis, with a particular focus on sustainable catalysis in water. Important research topics are DNA-based asymmetric catalysis, artificial metalloenzymes and catalysis in water.

In our chemical biology research we aim to develop novel tools for the study and manipulation of biological systems. The main research topics here are artificial allosteric biosystems and novel probes for the study of reactive oxygen species in living cells (in collaboration with the group of M.G. Rots at the university medical center)

Please visit the "Research" section for more details on currently ongoing projects.

PhD position available: within our artificial metalloenzymes project there is an opening for a PhD student. We are looking for someone with a background in biochemistry or biotechnology and an interest in interdisciplinary research. Apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to Gerard Roelfes

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